How Long Does It Take To Replace A Roof

Replacing the roof can sometimes be not just a simple home improvement project, but a real capital investment in your home and your property whether it is roof replacement or repair. Even if considering that during the home’s existence roof repairs and roof replacements are absolutely necessary, additional work on your home can be pestering not just financially, but simply because it is disrupting your daily routine. This is why many of our prospective clients, as well as our blog readers, come to us asking how much this project will last.

We have the answer for you, even if it might not completely answer all your questions. So, read on to find out how long it actually takes to replace the roof.

How Long Will It Last?

The simple answer to the question of how long a roof replacement or repair will last is – it depends. Even if you are not satisfied with this answer, it is actually very much true! The duration of such project will much depend on many factors, some of which can and others cannot be predicted.

First of all, the duration of the project will depend on the configuration and the size of the building and the extent of the repairs. Among other factors, you should also consider weather, as for the roofing projects in order to be able to take place, the weather should be appropriate. However, some generalizations and estimations still can be made, based on our experience and our knowledge of roofing, so here are the estimations.

The Estimations For Project Duration

Generally speaking, if you home is a small residential home, (and weather is permitting) you should be able to finish a roofing project anywhere in a couple of days. One the other hand, if the property is a larger dwelling or a commercial project, this can take up to two weeks or even more.

This is why, you should carefully consider what type of property you are roofing as well. As for the roofing repairs, they usually take anywhere up to couple of hours, but again it depends on these factors. Among other factors when the project will be finished are also the numbers of workers who are working on the roofing project and the finances. If in the middle of the project you suddenly run out of money, needless to say that the project will come to a halt. That is another thing that you must keep in mind when doing such large-scale home projects.

What Does Roof Replacement Entail?

When it comes to roof replacement, the workers will first completely take down the old roof, then prepare the subsurface, lay a new roof and finish off with details such as gutters. All of this means that during this time the home will be a complete mess and unless you want to sleep under the stars, you should definitely check your family into a hotel. However, replacing the roof is a project that is definitely worth your while and that will pay off in the long run.

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