How To Get On Roof Without Damaging Gutters

If you need to fix your roof without damaging the gutters, this is the article that you would want to read. You will find out how you can safely get on your roof without making any additional damage to your home. As long as you take precautions and follow these steps and helpful tips you will be able to safely do any job under rules without any additional damage.

Position your ladder

Even though it may sound strange, proper ladder positioning can help you safely get on the roof without making any damage to your guttering. If it is at all possible make sure that you avoid positioning ladder right against the gutter. This will make it possible for you to protect your gutter.

If there is no other way to approach the roof but to lean your ladder on the gutter, then make sure that you lean it on the strongest corner of the gutter. Also, you should avoid resting on the gutter while getting on the roof.

Cover The Gutter

Covering the gutter should make it possible for you to approach the roof without making any damages to the guttering. Also, you could think of covering it with an old sheet, but make sure that you remember to take off the covering once you are done, because the cloth could clot the gutter. While you are on the roof, you could also think of removing the debris that naturally finds its way to the gutter, since clogged gutter could add to its damage.

Placing Your Tools

If you are carrying tools with you, make sure that you place them in such a way that they are safe and secured. Tools can easily tumble down from the roof, thus making damage to the gutter. They could also ruin the gutter if you use the gutter as the placeholder for your tools, so make sure you avoid doing that. Ideally, you should have a person who will help you by adding you the tools that you need while you are repairing the gutter or the roof tiles.


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