What Is The Purpose Of Felt Paper Under Roofing Shingles

The purpose of felt paper is not always clearly understood, that is why today we will discuss this topic into further detail and explain everything you need to know about felt paper and why it is used in roofing. While different roofers might have different approaches, you will be presented with the facts that will show you why it is both a good idea and a bad idea to use felt paper under shingles for your roofing. If you want to have a stabile roof and a safe home, read this text and find out all there is to know about felt paper used in roofing.

What Is Felt Paper?

Simply put, it is the material which is used beneath the shingles and its main purpose is to provide a waterproof membrane that might prevent any occurrence of leakage. Felt paper is also oftentimes referred to as underpayment and it is required in order for the first layer of roofing to be places.

It is also used under asphalt shingles which are installed as the first layer of roofing and over the wood shingles. While some roofers and contractors believe that underpayment is necessary when adding second or third layers of asphalt shingles, there is no evidence that felt paper add to the construction or that it is necessary.

Is Felt Paper Necessary For The Second Layer Of Roofing Shingles?

While felt paper is absolutely not necessary for the second layer of roofing shingles, as it has been previously mentioned, it could add to the security of your home. Therefore, if you are thinking of investing in this additional layer, you might be able to have a more secure roof that will not leak easily.

However, this is something that no one could decide for you and even if you choose to go about the placement of the shingles without the felt paper, you might still get great end results. That being said, felt paper installment is easy and affordable, so there is no reason why you should not put felt paper underneath your shingles.

I Do Not Have Felt Paper Under Shingles, Should I Redo My Whole Roof?

Absolutely, not. Even if you do not have felt paper underneath your shingles, it should not affect your roof tremendously. Especially if your roof does not have any major problems and leakage, you should not take down your roof just to put felt paper. On the other hand, if you have some existing problems with the roofing and shingles, or thinking about placing a new roof, you could opt out for shingles as a way to make your roof more secure.

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